Coverage map different than actual service received

I have noticed that on your website, it states that I get coverage for my area and I also checked the coverage map and it states for the zipcodes I enter, it shows green for covered. However, I am not getting service when I drive through these areas. I live in Mexico, NY and when I drive through the town and heading towards Oswego and Fulton NY where it shows coverage on your map, but I get no service. I have the MOTO G6 play phone that I just purchased in 2018. Can you tell me why this is happening?

There are 2 types of network coverage maps, GSM and CDMA.

What SIM type is in your phone?
You can check in the RW app under About.

The coverage maps are not actuly made by RW but are from the partner carriers map data.
(GSM Tmobile, CDMA Sprint)

Note that areas that are light Green are Roaming and you only have talk and text, no mobile data.

If you want a more accurate coverage map that is made by actul users, check out map and there you can toggle the various major carriers to compare real life coverage.

Also, this topic has already been discussed multiple times:

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Are you experiencing a difference in coverage from your previous phone or are you just curious about the coverage map?

It is with my current phone Motorola Moto G6 play

And have you verified which coverage you have to see if you’re looking at the right coverage map?

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I have GSM. Is this type of phone be able to have a sim card that could cover both CDMA & GSM?

No Republic phone covers both at the same time, the choice is one or the other. The G6 Play can be configured for either. If you’d like to switch to CDMA you’d want to open a ticket with support who can send a CDMA SIM card to replace your GSM one.

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Hi @teresam.r7t3ge,

To put a little more clarity on @louisdi’s, advice, if you’d like to request a CDMA SIM card, please open a ticket with the information in the article linked below, so our Help team can assess whether CDMA coverage would be an improvement for you.

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a CDMA SIM may not be a magical fix as coverage is so so with either partner
GSM is showing fair coverage

CDMA is showing talk and text (Roaming) with near by fair 3G coverage

Thanks for the maps, I missed the location above. I actually think a CDMA SIM would be a worse experience than the Fair with the GSM partner. Sadly, the coverage in that area likely indicates Republic isn’t the right choice.

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