Coverage not consistent with coverage map


I have a Moto G4 Plus. My coverage seems much less solid than others around me using the other providers, even though the coverage maps says I should be in solid coverage area. I don’t know of anyone else using Republic, so I can’t make a direct comparison. Does the Moto G4 Plus have a weak receiver antenna (maybe it’s a device problem)? I’m on my 2nd Moto G4 Plus and the coverage is the same as it was with the first one (spotty when map says solid coverage). What other factors could the related to poor coverage (cellular)? My service has been this way since I got Republic a year ago, so I don’t know if there is something wrong, or if this is just what I get with the Republic Wireless network. I am in New England area. Anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions to improve my service?


I have a Moto X Pure and a Moto G5+ both provisioned for GSM coverage in the greater Boston area… I get great coverage on the RW 3.0 plans. Are you in the Boston area or further north/west?


I’m in Hartford area. Not sure what “configured for GSM” is. On setting for access point names (APN), mine is set to Republic wholesale.


If your phone is currently provisioned for GSM coverage…you may want to open a help ticket and see if they can improve your coverage by switching you to the CDMA coverage.

If portion of the word “republic” on your SIM card is in green then you have GSM coverage…
if it is all grey then you have CDMA coverage.


GSM and CDMA are the two types of cell technology. T-mo is GSM, Sprint is CDMA.


My SIM card says “RE…” (in gray) “… PUBLIC” (in green). I guess that means I’m configured for GSM. Are there any settings that I can verify to insure my phone settings aren’t conflicting with GSM?


Unless, you have manually changed anything… I think it is unlikely that you might have incorrect settings.

My recommendation would be submit a help ticket and let RW evaluate your coverage situation and see if maybe switching you over to CDMA coverage might provide you a better experience.


OK. Thanks!


I wouldn’t be surprised if you can’t get coverage and the map says you should… I used to have excellent coverage in an area where I have a cabin in Northern MN. For about a year, I have absolute NO COVERAGE in that area. It is not bad coverage, it is ZERO coverage. In fact as I drive through the city of Virginia MN, my coverage is good, but after I get about 5 miles out of town I loose all service. Like I said, it is not spotty or weak, it is non-existent as far as I can tell. Texts won’t even go through and I get zero bars. For the rest of my drive (100 miles through small towns and on a busy 4 lane highway!) all the way to my cabin and at my cabin ZERO service.

The coverage maps indicate that I should have good coverage. Sprint and Tmobile both say they have coverage too. My friend uses Sprint and he has coverage. I used to have coverage on my same phone with my same plan.

I have RW two phones. Moto X 2nd Gen and a Moto G3. Neither has any coverage even though the coverage map says I am covered. Again, in previous years I did have coverage.

I went through many iterations of troubleshooting this with RW tech support and my issue was just not ever resolved. So basically, I bought an AT&T phone and now I pay too much, but at least I can use my phone.


I rec’d the new CDMA SIM card and installed it. I won’t be able to evaluate it until I’ve travelled around the area. If I find the service is better, I’ll keep it installed, if it’s worse, can I just put the GSM card back in? Does this change “reset the clock” for cellular data use. My monthly period starts on the 3rd of the month.


Yes, you can go back to your GSM SIM. A deactivated GSM SIM card can be reactivated up to 20 days after deactivation.

Going back to GSM will not change your billing cycle or data allotment. The only change is that the remaining data on your billing cycle will come from GSM partner instead of CDMA partner or Sprint.


Thank you. How do I know if my GSM SIM card has been deactivated? Do I need contact Republic if I want to go back to the GSM card, or can I just reinstall it following the same directions as I did to install the CDMA card?


The act of activating the CDMA card in the same phone deactivates the GSM card. No additional action is required on your part.

Reactivation will follow along the lines of original GSM activation…inserting the SIM…opening the Republic App and following along activation instructions…you will need to choose “move your number” option so that you end up with the same number again on your phone.


OK. Thank you. The CDMA signal is quite a bit worse than the GSM is. I’ll be switching it back to the GSM card tomorrow. I guess my biggest concern is really building penetration, and losing signal when I’m out “in the sticks” on my motorcycle (but others with me still get a weak signal) . Some reading suggests low frequency band width governs building penetration, and may boost cell tower signal distances. Are there any plans to add low frequency band width to Republic Wireless carriers to address building penetration?


T-Mobile has a lot of Band 12 (lower frequency) towers where i live in MN and I am delighted with the coverage. My S7 with T-Mobile has much better overall native coverage than My X2 had with Sprint. Building penetration seems to be about the same. The VoLTE call quality is superb.

I don;t know how well this map is maintained:


Hi @thomasg.nj2eax,

Low frequency radio signals do indeed penetrate structures better than high frequency signals. Generally, Republic’s CDMA network partner currently uses lower frequencies than Republic’s GSM partner. As observed by @billg, Republic’s GSM network partner is aggressively expanding what it refers to as Extended Range LTE (a/k/a Band 12), which operates on the 700 MHz frequency.

Going forward that GSM network partner has started and will be further rolling out Band 71, which operates on the 600 MHz frequency. The significant caveat here is there is precisely one phone currently supporting Band 71 (LG’s G6). To be clear, the LG G6 is the only phone in the market currently supporting Band 71. Republic, however, does not support the LG G6. Accessing Band 71 in the future on Republic’s GSM network partner will require a new phone when they’re available. New hardware is required in the phone. This is not capability that might be added to existing phones via a software update.


I’m having trouble going back to the original GSM SIM card. I power down, switch SIM cards, power up. I then open the Republic app, and I don’t get a prompt for “get activated now”. It goes right to the sign in screen, when I enter my credentials, it says “this devise does not exist on your account”. The back arrow is the only way out of the screen at this point, and it brings me to a screen that says “your activation is underway. This should take less than an hour. We’ll send you an email when complete”. I’m not getting an email, and I’m pretty sure it isn’t really being activated. I never go to an option to move my desired number to this phone.
Please provide detailed instructions on how to reactivate my GSM SIM card. Thanks in advance!


I’d recommend that you submit a help ticket to get this resolved.


Hi @thomasg.nj2eax,

I don’t believe the Community will be able to supply the detailed instructions you seek on this one. I see exactly what you describe on a Moto X Pure though I’m attempting to go from GSM to CDMA. This phenomenon seems to be coincidental to the release of version of Republic’s app. This may or may not mean the app update is involved.

I think you’ll need to go ahead and raise a support ticket. Actually, it may be best to reply to the ticket that resulted in your receipt of the CDMA SIM. Are you able to see that ticket when signed into your Republic account here: Tickets | Republic Wireless? If so, please click on that ticket. You should be able to leave a new comment even if it’s marked closed.


Thanks. I just replied on my previous ticket that’s still open.

Thomas Graywacz