Coverage: not good

I think tonight may have finally done it. While I have appreciated this service for several years now, my inability to pull up game tickets as other fans streamed in next to me was embarrassing. Sprint simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Despite my phone saying I was on LTE, I couldn’t get the site to come up. I can only use my apps fully when on a wireless network. Not cool.

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Are you saying you think you have a coverage issue?
Are you certain you are using the CDMA (Sprint) network partner?
Perhaps RW’s GSM (Tmobile) network partner would be better for you (if you have a My Choice Phone)
What phone model do you have?
What is your zip code you are having this issue so we can check the coverage map?

I’m in 53704. I’ve only ever used whatever the phone picks up, which I assume is Sprint.

What phone do you have?

Moto G 5s plus


Open the Republic Wireless app and touch the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the app screen.
Select “About”.
For SIM type do you see GSM or CDMA?

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It says GSM

This means you are using Republic’s GSM partner, not their CDMA partner, Sprint.

Here is a link to the article for having your service evaluated for a CDMA SIM:

Hi @jasonj.qz83g2,

I’ve updated the title of your topic since your experience does not actually have anything to do with Sprint.

Please do open a ticket and request a CDMA SIM card. It looks like Sprint coverage in your area would be better than the coverage you’re currently experiencing.

Also, if you were at a venue you’ve visited before and have connected to the Wi-Fi network before, it’s possible the phone had connected to Wi-Fi but was awaiting your acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Most of the time if I’m going to need to pull up some sort of ticket (especially for travel!) I’ll screenshot the ticket in advance so that if there is any connectivity issue, the screenshot is available.

Did you get into the game? Did your team win?

I’ll fill out the form and hopefully that helps get me to a solution. But I should add that this is super convoluted. I’m not out in the country somewhere, I’m in downtown Madison, Wisconsin, a city I’ve used Republic in for years. Do customers really need to be this technically adept to maintain a basic level of acceptable coverage?

No. All they have to do is open a ticket with our Help team and explain that they are having trouble using their phones. We’ll ask some questions, determine whether it’s a coverage issue, and handle the technically adept side of things.

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I have more g5 plus also and when that happens I find it usually I forgot that I had my settings for that app or a browser turned to not use when data saver is on.
It’s frustrating when it’s my fault :wink:
If everything has been working and suddenly not you have to do a little detective work.

I am on my second RW phone, a Moto G4 (CDMA). I had the same problem frequently with my previous phone, but not so much with the G4. I have the problem most where there is a wifi where I have not previously logged in and I have to turn off wifi to access the ticket. I am still a bit nervous so I save the tickets as a .pdf and use my Adobe app to pull it up before I entering the venue. I still use paper at the TSA because I see so many other people having trouble pulling up their digital tickets in the security line. I don’t know how to do a screenshot so I haven’t tried that. I’ll find out next week how it works with the NFL mandate that only digital tickets will be accepted. They are stored in my Panthers app, but I don’t know if the app will work without wifi. Behind the scenes, we are being told to arrive early.

In case you need them, instructions to take a screenshot are here:

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Thank you for your response. Most Helpful.

I’ve gone back and forth between the TMobile and Sprint Sims. There is a reason this service is so much cheaper than Verizon and ATT. You will never get that level of service with Republic. It still pays for me as I’m rarely on the road.

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