Coverage & Price not meeting my needs

I have been on Republic Wireless service for a few years now and am beginning to find it does not meet my needs at times. I live in a pretty Rural Community in Northern California and in many cases I just do not have any coverage when traveling around. I get pretty good coverage Locally but recently have made several trips that just did not have any coverage at all. I have tried most all the MNVO’s out there and only VZW has better coverage. On a recent trip to Adin and Alturas Ca. my phone was dead but my wife’s phone on Red Pocket CD-MA (vzw) worked most of the time.
I know Republic uses mostly T Mobil or Sprint which is going away. Even AT&T might be a better option but mostly it comes down to Verizon for the best Rural coverage around me.
I also am no longer finding that Republic is necessarily the cheapest or lowest cost option as it was when I originally signed up. The dual Cell/WiFi Coverage is mostly a gimmick to me as I have access to both Google Voice or my Home VOIP service if I need or want to use them.
The only real reason I have not left Republic sooner is I hate to go through the Porting out process and getting set up with another provider especially since republic treats port outs as a land line and it takes several days instead of nearly instant from Wireless to Wireless transfers.
Maybe someone can tell me why I shouldn’t leave Republic or convince me coverage will get better soon but I think I will be leaving.

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