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I just ordered a new phone from the Motorola website because they were having a sale that made it much cheaper to but the phone from them than from republic wireless. So I came to the republic wireless website to order a sim card for my new phone and it said the sim card wouldn’t have service in my area but when I look at their phones the exact phone I bought tells me that it will have coverage in my area. So what’s the difference? Do I have to order my phone directly through republic wireless or will the sim card work?

Hi @jordynv.mzvw51,

We are served by two different cellular carriers, but at this time we can provide a SIM card capable of being activated by the customer for only one of those carriers. If you’re seeing that message, it means that carrier does not have coverage in your area.

If you enter your Zip code on our Phones page, rather than when buying the SIM card, do you see a list of phones that do work in your area? If so, our other carrier partner does have coverage in your area. The phones are the same as those you might buy elsewhere, but an integral part of the activation process for our other carrier must be done on our end prior to shipping the phone, and it’s not something we can do for phones bought elsewhere.

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