Coverage thoughts while upgrading, 03256

Question…I have a Moto G (first gen) and using the Network Cell info Lite app, It shows that I am on 2G, if I have any bars, usually only 1 or 2. It will shift to 3G occasionally and I have no bars. I am on CDMA with Sprint.
Considering upgrading my phone to a Moto G6 (model XT1925-6) which shows as compatible with Republic. My question is, what Sim card should I get, CDMA on Sprint or GSM on T-mobile? There seems to be no choice on Republic site, so which would they send?

Hi @donaldm.l2akk1 and welcome back to the Member Community. The phone (if ordered from RW) will come with a GSM SIM (T-mobile). You can get a CDMA SIM if that provides the coverage you need.

See here - How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help

Before doing any of that if you will share your zipcode (just the zipcode) others in the Community can confirm which coverage would be best for your location. We upgraded our Moto G1 to G6 with the GSM and actually have better cell coverage. YMMV

Zip code is 03256. Phone will be purchase from another site. Swappa to be exact.

Although this is very likely, it’s not 100% certain. Our online store does ship phones with CDMA SIM cards installed, as well. It’s only the BYOP SIM card that is certain to be GSM.


If the GSM does not give me the coverage, then what?

Hi @donaldm.l2akk1,

One thing to consider is that your current phone does not have an option for 4G. 4G coverage in your area may be better than what you’ve been experiencing. Unfortunately, GSM coverage does not look like it would be an improvement for you.

Once you have ordered the phone from Swappa, go ahead and request a CDMA SIM card using the link @freddyp provided. You could have a conversation with the coverage team about possibly sending both kinds of SIM cards, so you can evaluate both options for yourself. Real-life experience is often different from what we’re able to predict by looking at maps and data analysis.

We will need you to wait until you have ordered the phone, so we can be sure of the type of CDMA SIM card to send, and we’ll need the phone’s IMEI in order to verify that it can be activated with the CDMA SIM card.

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I actually have 2 phones on my account. Maybe getting one of each SIM would be the best test for coverage.

That sounds like a very practical plan!

This is one of the phones I am considering…

Hi @donaldm.l2akk1,

Rather than photos, would you be able to share the Swappa links?

As long as you don’t try to buy them out from under me, LOL


I wouldn’t think of it! :smiling_imp:

Both look good to me and I see after twisting my head sideways one of the pictures you posted confirms both the correct model and software channel (U.S. Retail). If the pictures represent only one phone, you might verify with the seller of the other phone that both Model and Software channel meet Republic’s requirements as noted here:

In any event, Swapp does an excellent job of vetting sellers are selling that which they say they are selling. If I were trying to buy them out from under you, I would do so with confidence. :grinning:

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Thanks. The pics are only for 1 of the phones. The seller confirmed on the other phone that it was model XT 1 925-6. Have question in the him for the channell


Then, all i’d suggest further is verifying the Software channel on the second phone. It needs to be one of the following:

  1. RETUS or U.S. Retail
  2. AMZ or Amazon
  3. FI or Google Fi

Any of the three would work.

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Waiting for an answer now, thanks again.


Another question. My BIL is on Republic and he purchased his phone from RW. He is in zip code 03264. What SIM would be in his phone? He seemed to have great cell coverage when he was at my house. My concern is for when the power goes out, as it did today, I need to feel comfortable that I can contact emergency services if need be.

It could be either SIM. You can ask his phone:

I would but he is not here and really has no clue as to where or how to find it. He should really own a flip phone, if you know what I mean.

If I could walk him through finding out with cell network he is on, how do I know which it is? Will it say GSM or CDMA, or is there a code?

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