Coverage Update: Our Online Store Now Has the Moto E4+, Moto G5S+, and Samsung S8 in More Areas!

If you checked your coverage and have been waiting to upgrade to a new phone because options have been limited for your area, the wait may be over…

We are pleased to announce our online store now offers expanded availability of the following three phones:

Moto E4 Plus


Moto G5S Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8

Stay tuned as we hope to announce more CDMA-compatible phones in the future!

Buying elsewhere? Our BYOP SIM card is available for our GSM network, only.


I waited and waited for the Moto G5 S Plus to come available to me, (I am in an area requiring CDMA). I have to say this phone is an awesome and well worth the wait!


We’re very glad to hear it was worth the wait, @dwightg.urjc6o! Thanks for your patience! What phone did you have before, and what’s your favorite new feature?

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I started with the Moto X 1st gen; but dropped and broke the screen within the first year. Since February 2015, until Jan 2018, I was carrying a Moto X gen 2. It was a fine phone but an aging battery and limited storage was starting to wear on me.

As far as my new favorite feature I would have to say Fingerprint Recognition, but more than features I appreciate how much my overall experience has improved; smoother, faster operation across the board and incredible battery life.



The E4 battery is removable. The E4Plus battery is not?

Hi @johna.maine,

The battery on the E4+ is not intended to be user-removable.

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That is correct @johna.maine

The E4+ has a 5000mAh battery that is not user replaceable. The E4 has a 2800mAh battery that is removable.


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