Coverage update: Republic Wireless now offers the Moto G7, G7 Power, G7 Play, and Moto Z4 in more areas

If you’ve hesitated to upgrade to the Moto G7, Moto G7 Power, Moto G7 Play, or Moto Z4 due to coverage limitations in your area, we are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer these phones in additional coverage areas.

If you’re not sure about coverage in your area, please ask in our Community and we’ll be glad to help.


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Just to be absolutely clear – If I have one of the phones on the list and need a CDMA card, RW will now support it? I already returned a pair of new phones because they were on the list of BYOP, but not for CDMA options, and I need to upgrade.

Hi @christopherl.kgczti,

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Just be sure you get a supported phone - the North American, Factory unlocked version, not a carrier-branded version.

I have helped one member who ended up with an international version from Amazon, and that is not a supported model.

This is the model I would prefer:

That would be good. The same phone is currently on sale at Motorola for either $50 off or get a free Moto G6 with the purchase.


Thanks. Do you know if the CDMA SIM from the Moto G5 plus can just be transferred to the G7?

Activated CDMA SIM cards cannot be moved from phone to phone, and the CDMA SIM card that’s compatible with the G5+ is not compatible with the G7. We’ll need to send you the right SIM cards for your new phones once you’ve ordered them.


OK, thanks.

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is there a charge associated with the 3.0 CDMA card

The answer would depend on your situation. It would be foolish of me to write “no” in response to that question, only to then find our Help Team swamped with millions of requests for “free” SIM cards that people then try to sell on Ebay.

In general, if you have bought our GSM SIM card and coverage would be improved with a CDMA SIM card, we do not charge to replace your SIM card, though we might allow the member to pay for expedited shipping if the member does not feel like waiting for USPS first class shipping.


Moto just put out an offer that if you buy any of a certain Moto model, such as the Moto Z4, you get a Moto G6 for free. Are these particular unlocked Moto phones compatible with Republic. I cannot discern on the website the exact model numbers.

The basic answer is yes. Both the Moto G7 and the Moto Z4 that are sold as part of this offer are available in “unlocked” that will work with Republic.

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Just checking to make sure the Z4 has the model number XT1980-3 or whatever it is that it needs. Thanks for your answer.

To be clear, the version sold as Unlocked by Motorola on their US site, is the compatible version.

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I recently purchased a g7 from the Republic website. Is this phone able to use the CDMA SIMM?

@ravenrgg, yes, it’s capable of CDMA. If you buy from Republic’s store, it should come with it if needed.

And if it comes GSM, you can request a CDMA card in a help ticket.

Due to my local coverage area being optimal for CDMA and not GSM (ie there’s no GSM towers anywhere near me) a pop up warning me against purchasing a G7, Power, Play etc… comes up every time I attempted to check out. I’d suggest rectifying as it is confusing.

Also is there a way to determine if the SIM shipped with the phone is GSM or CDMA prior to activation? I can put in a ticket and wait for a CDMA if I’m still using my old phone, but that’s not a solution if I’ve already activated the new one.

That should now be able to be sent CDMA now from the store. That said, there’s no way to determine that before shipping, but generally if it is send with a GSM card, Republic should swap it if the CDMA is more appropriate for your area.

Hi @patrickm.17raig - here’s a How To that might help you determine the type of SIM you have in the phone.

Hope this helps!

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