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Hello there, I live in Washington State and quarantines are still in place here. Any chance the Covid plan (which ended April 19) can continue to be an option? I will not be surprised that with lightening restrictions too soon, we may see a resurgence… Other countries have not lifted quarantines yet. Where I work, masks are required for workers and the public – for everyone – 100% of the time… Thanks for your consideration. I really appreciated the greater ease of communication the Covid plan made for myself and my small business last month and wish I could still use that option.

Hi @hannahp.r8m7ci

I recommend you open a support ticket so that your request can be handled by Republic agents.

Here in the Community, members help other members. We can empathize and sympathize but we cannot grant you more cell data.

You can open a Help ticket here:


Hello there, I am sorry, i should have said: I already opened a help ticket on this topic and they encouraged me to post here to see if anyone else in the Republic community also wants this. And if so, we should all speak up and voice so.

I would love to see another month of the covid data.

Hello I am writing again.
Covid is still very restricting here. Libraries are not open. I don’t have access to WiFi. Please can we have this options back??? My understanding is that our county (Jefferson Co. WA) has one of the lowest incidences of Covid and this is still true for us. What must it by like everywhere else???

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+1 on your plea
Here are some links that I found for WiFi access in your county, you may also want to call your ISP to see what they may offer


Hi @hannahp.r8m7ci,

While we’re not able to offer the unlimited data option again, our Help Team is empowered to assist our members who have particular needs during this time.

Please open a Help Ticket and let them know how we might be able to better serve you.


Thank you for the reply. Most of the options are “sit in your car” options,and it’s cold here. I want to be home by my wood stove if i need to do a couple hours of computer work.

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