Cracked Glass front of phone

My phone was dropped and the face was severely cracked. The phone appears to still work but cannot be swiped due to the shattered glass. Can the phone be fixed? Is it salvageable? Do you recommend trying to get it fixed or buying another Republic phone? Should I stop my service and keep my existing number once the phone is either fixed or replaced?

There are local repair shops that will give you an estimate. You can also get one here:

Service and Repair - Moto E 2nd Generation

You credit card carrier might provide accidental damage coverage.

If you cancel your service your number will be lost. There are two ways to keep it:

  1. Activate a replacement phone as such. The number will transfer and you broken phone will be deactivated.

  2. Transfer your number to a different carrier.


I have had success with this company in my area of Cleveland but there is 2200 locations nationwide. Pop your zip code into the locator and see who’s close to you. They give free estimates and have UPS pickup & delivery service

CPR Store Locator - Find The Nearest Cell Phone Repair Shop

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Hi @jeffreym.rxifks

This is a Moto G 1st Gen. that I am considering for a DIY project.

(click to enlarge)

Considering the damage, not sure if it’s just the screen or internals as well. Might give it a try if the replacement screen/housing is cheap enough. I also have an E1 whos digitizer went crazy, under the same consideration.

Usually it would be a no-brainer, but considering they are 2.0 phones, I feel it’s worth consideration.

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