Cracked screen on Moto E4+


My less than a month old Moto E has a crack running diagonally across the screen! I have no idea how it happened, my phone has a screen protector and shock resistant case on it. It hasn’t been dropped or hit against anything. Anyone else had an issue like this?


unless there is a rash of reports of screens cracking on moto e4+,
you will have to see if it will be replaced under warranty
sometimes you get lucky and MOTO will go ahead and replace/repair a phone.
but most of the time a cracked screen is something that is not covered and you will have to pay for replacement. never hurts to ask.
also if you used a credit card to buy it check with them, sometime they have warranty replacement/repair if MOTO will not

other routes is to see if you can find a repair shop and see what it will cost


If Motorola will not do a warranty repair carefully take your case off and check the corners of your phone for any damage to the metal frame. The corners are the most vulnerable to damage during daily use.


Hi @mstd

When you say “screen-protector”, is it tempered-glass?. I ask because I get cracks on my MXP’s glass protector, but the screen on the phone itself is fine,


Yes, it is tempered glass. Perhaps the cracks in it but it feels as though it is under the screen protector



Thank you.