Cracked Screen on Moto Pure

I broke my screen on My Moto X pure and I am looking at getting another phone via financing. The problem is I need to get a pin number sent to my phone but I cant access anything in my phone coz the screen won’t work. Any suggestions? Additionally, if I get a replacement phone why do I have to choose a new service?

Financing is done by Affirm…so you should contact them for alternative ways to receive the pin number.

Financing with Affirm

The plan selected at the time of phone purchase is just showing intent of what plan you might use.

You are not charged anything until activation.

At the time of activation you will select the replacement option to ensure that your new phone replaces

your existing broken phone.

You might check to see how much it will cost to fix your screen. I’ve had Motorola do several repairs and have been happy with their work. The cost to repair a Moto X 2nd gen screen was $125, and the cost to repair a Nexus 6 screen was $175. Turnaround time was about a week. Motorola Support - Find Answers | Motorola Mobility, Inc.

Hi @lukec.hkylz5,

Cell Phone Repair (CPR) is another option to repair the screen. Not sure how much they charge to replace the screen. I used them to repair the camera on my Moto X (1st gen.), and they did an excellent job. They also warranty their work.

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