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I just dropped my Moto X Pure - 6 months old - and it is cracked in the very upper right-hand corner only, hardly visible. I can power on/off and swipe the screen, but cannot unlock my phone; the keypad is completely unresponsive. It seems like if I could just unlock my phone, it should be fine. (I dropped my previous Motorola phone with the entire screen cracked and it worked fine!) Any suggestions?

Thank you very much.




I suggest having Motorola fix it for you:

Service and Repair - Moto X Pure Edition



Hi @joang.0rvxat,

If you think it’s just some function of the touch screen failing, there are USB adapters available that will allow you to connect a USB mouse to the phone and navigate the phone with the mouse. I would be glad to send you such an adapter if you have a USB mouse you can use. (I just tried it on my X Pure with my wireless mouse and it worked.)

Perhaps that would allow you to unlock the phone and at least back up any content before you do send it in for repair.


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