Cramming: The Dark Side of [Other] Phone Providers

I was deliberately late to the party regarding mobile phones. Years late because I simply did not trust the contracts nor the companies. My home phone landline had been crammed by the largest phone company and it wasn’t pleasant until the Florida attorney general sent them a letter. It takes phone bill vigilance if you’re not with Republic. For example:

The FCC said ( on Tuesday that CenturyLink will pay $550,000 to settle an investigation into a practice known as “cramming”.(":

Cramming is when phone companies add unauthorized third-party charges to customer bills. “CenturyLink will also stop billing for most third parties, start refunding affected customer accounts and let customers block future third-party charges,” adds CNET.
CenturyLink has previously said its own internal investigation found no wrongdoing.

One would think this practice would have been eliminated or at least contained by the FCC by now, but it’s Whack-A-Mole at the agency.

It is so pleasant to deal with a straight-up company like Republic. They give me service agreed upon and I pay them as agreed…month after month. What a concept. I’m all in.


Well, actually, I just remembered I don’t pay month-to-month anymore. I signed up for the annual offer right after it came out. Pay it and forget it. I guess I did just that.

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@deanh.k7nop6 Thanks for much for the review! I hope you don’t mind, I moved your review to the Reviews section so that it can be found for those looking for such things!

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