Crazy weather lately


Good evening everyone.

Was watching the news and the weather pattern across the US is crazy looking.

I was out yesterday here in Missouri in a T-shirt most of the afternoon. Today, my truck was frozen in a solid sheet of ice that made me late, (including the 10 mins. to get the door open on the truck so I could warm it up).

Just wondering if anyone else has an odd/extreme weather related story. :grinning:


I live in Oklahoma, and I’m within a 30 minutes drive to Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri.

On Monday, when I left to go to work, the weather was in the high 60s I believe. Then it dropped over the course of the day to the low 40s or high 30s before I left work at around 5pm. Now freezing rain is coming down outside. The weather definitely has been temperamental.


2/20/18 71* record temp 1am…
2/21/18 34* tonight freezing rain & 2"-4" possible… I might have to snowplow tonight.
1st day of spring is March 30th or close to that…


It appears to be a slow moving, oddly angled, contortion of pressure systems, across the continent.


There has been some warm air coming out of Washington recently.



There is talk of another SnowEaster if the pressures all line up correctly & the moisture is fed from a Texas Panhandle. All I usually get is the rain as the storms are on the eastern side of the Mountains. (Alleghany & Poconos?) If I remember geography.


Yes the weather is crazy. Read what people are doing about it here:


Learned about RW years ago hearing talk of another new provider.

Some fruits of talk do come to bear. Others are no longer memorable.

Adding another $0.02 to a forbidden(?) topic.


I was late for work. Car door handles and doors frozen. Remote start was no real help there. Resorted to pouring warm water over the door handles and seals. Remarkably the window thawed out by the time I got to work, so I didn’t have to get out of the car to badge-in to the parking gate.


Cloudy and 83f this week… but wait… February?!? Even in Georgia this is unusual.


Warm water is the key here. Pouring “hot” water on frozen things is never a good idea.


Little late to start constructing an Ark, anyone have spare?.


2/24/18 Raining today!
sat 47*
sun 62*
m-th 51* - 58*
fri back to the lower 40’s Where’s the snow? I still have about 6 weeks to go to make winter money!


Haha, yeah, spring cleaning the gutters in February?.

I’ll have to ‘squish’ around my subterranean sanctuary for another evening before the shop-vac comes out. Pretty sure I have never cleaned gutters in the month of Feb, before.


It’s been raining Live Oak tree leaves on my property for a several days in Coastal Georgia with daytime temps in the 70s-80s.



People in the Northeast are worried about a cold snap after the trees and plants start awakening early here. That can kill off the fruit trees buds at the critical tile of the season.


It was the coldest winter, it was the warmest winter. Like the tale of two winters.


Include California in that! Crops very much affected by the warm/frigid!


Long time no talk @shari2… Tonight we are having rain changing to heavy snow 4-13" 35 mph sustained winds with gusts up to 60+ mph…Wonderful Cleveland, Ohio


Xtra long time!! I’m so freakin spoiled here in Calif., so cold…mid 50s at night and mid to upper 60s during day…had mid 70s last week! Boy are we a bunch of wimps. Rain (so needed except where the horrible fires were), wind hail,snow…whew ! Got vests,jacket etc!
So spoiled!!!
You in the mid west and east got all my respect‼️😎