Crazy weather lately


not too far from you, I’m in Lake Orion Mi (about 20 miles due north of Detroit)
we are warming up to the mid 60’s on Thursday and Friday before a drop (with rain) on the weekend


That was us (Peoria, IL) on April 9. Baseball season has started and I haven’t been to a game yet. Depressing.


the northern teams should start with away game till mid April (way to many have been cancel due to weather (Snow and Rain) (baseball also needs more double headers to shorten the season)

our little league had to cancel the first few practices due to field closures and a cold weather rule (no practice or games in under 40F)


Now it’s back to pollen bath for me. Had my car washed yesterday and it was already yellow by the time I finished my trip back to university.


this could give some type of info… as to why…



Hi @drm186,

In your April 6 photo, what are these shimmering lights?



Its a Stop sign behind the trees, it’s glowing cause it’s reflecting headlights coming down the road, (we have a corner lot)


Surely you could come up with a better story than that! :wink:

Here’s my “it’s-finally-Spring-in-Raleigh” photo. The weather warmed up enough I can resume riding my bike home from work now and then. (I’m looking for some Fitbit or other fitness-tracking friends to help me stay on track… here). I took this photo on my ride home Friday. She (?) was just a few feet from the greenway trail, enjoying some fresh Spring grass that has finally begun to grow.



We had an ice storm here this weekend, we are still waiting for spring to come here [and there are areas worst off than us in the northern Michigan]
I did not take pictures this morning but here the local news of this morning


You think spring is near? This was a friends morning wake up for yesterday 4/14/18 in upper Wisconsin. alot of work to clean the driveway.


Everyone around me dying as I post this.

I would like to point out this photo is from three weeks ago, pollen is 3x higher now.


Yea. We are still digging out from the 18in we got here in the Twin Cities, MN.


Yeah. It sucks big time! Every time you go outside, you starts sneezing uncontrollably and then your nose starts running-and then it lasts for another hour after you go inside.


I only react to mold spore so since it’s low this year I’m fine.


80 degrees Thursday when I left Illinois for a long weekend in Florida. Snowing today when I got back. Probably should have packed a jacket.


Come enjoy April here in MN! :snowman_with_snow:


The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers are playing three home games here in Peoria, IL this week. Something about too much snow at their park. There was snow covering the Peoria park this morning too.


The lake I live next to is still covered with ice. There are a few square yards of open water where my geothermal furnace dumps water. Today there was a pair of Canadian Honkers swimming there. Given the late spring I suppose the migrating waterfowl is having trouble finding a place to swim.

I heard a loon holler last night. This is a two-loon lake. I suppose the pair that summers here is nesting already.


For southern Michigan we just got an early start on winter


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!