Crazy weather lately


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My TV picks up weather forecast from a different dimension…o…no wait, no it doesn’t…


  • Wednesday AM -30 actual -55 wind chill


Yesterday cleveland went from 16* up to 46* then overnight low of 17* in a 24 hour timespan. To add salt to misery we went from snow to freezing rain, then rain from 6pm till 11pm. The rain returned ro freezing rain & back to Snow. I’m just waiting for the bitter cold to begin…



It was -17F when I got up this morning and is now (1:30 CST) --25F heading for a low of -33F tonight. Then on Wednesday the high will be -20F and the low -33F so you can see it is finally warming up. Yesterday, I blew 18" of snow from my driveway deposited there during the weekend blizzard.

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@billg, how do these temps compare to average for this time of year? Is this normal for you?



They compare to what I experienced way back in the 1970s. Winters have gradually warmed due to climate change so these temps are an exception now. You may have heard the expression “it’s too cold to snow” and that is certainly common. The warmer winters have brought more snow, explaining (for example) why Fargo had 3 100-year spring floods in just 5 years.

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News says these temp here haven’t been this cold in 25yrs. Record setting lows on Wed.

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Down here in Georgia we will be getting some unusually cold temps as well. 24f is exceptionally cold here.



The power company has had my heat turned off since 4:30. It will be back on at 9. Here are the present numbers:

Here is what my power company shows:

Yes, I put my sweats on.

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Wait, it’s negative 25 and the power company decides whether or not your heat runs? :scream_cat:

My guest room is available, @billg.



By letting them do this the electricity for my water heater, underfloor heating and geothermal furnace is half price. My super-insulated home hold it heat pretty well and I have a backup propane fireplace it it gets too chilly.



It’s -30 now but:



umm…isn’t it illegal to turn off heat? it is in my city, far as I know. There is some “Cold weather law”.



Yes, utilities are regulated in this respect but that is for non-payment. I entered into an off-peak contract with my co-op that benefits both of us. There is in-floor heat in my lower level that keeps that level warm for quite a while after power is withdrawn. Upstairs I have a furnace-rated propane fireplace that provides backup heat for that level. I take it you are in Minneapolis and I’m in the country near Detroit Lakes.



One interesting side effect of living on a lake shore in bitter cold weather is the sound of ice cracking. The ground level of my house is about 20’ above the lake level. The house is only 100’ from the lake. Sometimes when the ice cracks there is a BOOM much like the blast of a 12 gauge shotgun producing a pressure wave that shakes the whole house. They always catch you by surprise and scare the daylights out of you.



-36 windchill -10 degrees my dog had to do his business at 2am then decided he needed to be under my blankets with me.



Ok here it is almost a week later and today’s high was 60* F in Cleveland… T-shirts, shorts suntan lotion and the Indians trucks on their way to spring training. I can taste the Jumbo hot dogs and Bertman’s stadium mustard. The Cheers, crack of the bats, $12.00 beers oh wait it’s only Feb 4th what the heck am I thinking ?
The Stinkin oops 6 time winning Patriots deflated balls and paid off refs again to TIE the real 6 time winning team the Steelers & the Steelers did it with only 3 historic coaches not the 37 the Browns ushered through the door. I think Hue Jackson gets paid through the 2020 season ain’t that a joke. The mundane announcers for the S-bowl kept saying “just last week” so & so played his best post season game, well last week was the pro bowl not post season play to determine the S-bowl players. I wonder how much they got paid to flub so many comments!!!



It was 63 in eastern Connecticut today. I spent 2 hours hiking after school. Lots of trees down, with signs up explaining that dry summers, insect infestations, and colder winters are changing the forest.

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My brother and sister-in-law’s house, is gone with the wind. Take out by a tornado earlier today. They’re alive and safe…now. Their home is totalled. They were part of the major outbreak in Alabama that moved into Georgia. I’m just glad they’re alive to tell the tale.


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