Crazy weather lately


God bless Sorry to hear of the destruction buy glad to here your family is safe. All can be replaced except life so they have an angel on their side.


! week ago 2/24/19 there was a major wind storm. I was without power from Sunday 8pm until Wednesday 4pm … The house got down to 34*F… Darn cold but Joystew & I stuck it out with blankets and hot soup and our Dog Diesel.


Phew! That’s cold!


Sorry to hear that. Glad to know that your brother and sister-in-law are safe!


Thank you! I think this is only the beginning of what’s going to be a violent weather season.


I agree with violent storms. Winter was non-existent here in Northern Ohio except for the cold. Little to no snow. As of today Cleveland Ohio is down like 44 inches. 66 inches is average so we only got 1/3 of the snow we usually get but we have 1 month to go. Yeah 52* Sunday and rain for us.


We have a severe weather threat Sat and Sun. Ugh!


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