Create two separate accounts from a shared one


My wife and son have shared an account for years but now want to have two separate accounts, but keep the same numbers. He is the account owner. She has lost her phone and now has a new, not yet activated Moto Play G4 phone. What would be the steps to take? Thanks!


My recommendation would be to go ahead and activate the new phone. During the activation process when you use the same Republic Credentials as the existing phone, you will be presented with the opportunity to “move your wife’s existing number” to the newly activating phone.

Once the activation is done and the phone is working to your satisfaction, you can submit a help ticket from your son’s account to split off your wife’s phone number into its own separate account. This a routine request that Support should be able to set up for you…but it does same time to get done…which is why I recommended that you go ahead with the activation first, so that you will have a functional phone while the account split is being implemented.


Hi @paulf.t9ua93

This will require help from RW support to split the account and retain their current numbers.

You son will have to raise a Support Ticket since it is his account, and explain what it is that they would like to do.

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Thanks! We will activate the phone tonight then submit a help ticket.


Thanks! We will do this.


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