Creating specific ringtones for contacts

Hi! I have recently started using Republic Wireless. When I first started trying to text my contacts, I was using the orange messaging app that came with my new phone (Samsung Galaxy s8). Some of my contacts were getting messages and others weren’t. I tried installing Android Messenger and Anywhere and I think they are workable, but if I use them I am not able to set specific ringtones or text messaging tones for my contacts. It is just one notification tone for everyone. Is there any way around this…could there be a way that I can set specific ringtones for my contacts? Or is there another support app that allows this?

In both Republic Anywhere and Android Messages one can set a custom notification for conversation thread, to due this open the thread you want a custom notification sound and then tap the menu icon (:dots:) then tap “People & options”, one can choose the sound in Anywhere (in Messages it “Notification sound”)

this would need to be done for each thread a contact is in for group messages


Thank you so very much! It worked!


Hi @faithb.8wjakv, welcome to Republic and thanks for being a part of our online Community!

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