Credentials needed for AOL sign-on

Recently my phone is asking me to enter credentials to regain access to my AoL account, but no matter what username and password I enter, it’s not recognized. The phone gives me a loud alert about every 15 minutes to remind me that “credentials needed.”

How can I overcome this and get back into my AOL? Also, if I get a new phone and transfer my info from the current phone, will I still have that problem. I also tried to uninstall AOL but was unable to.

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Take a look at these links to AOL’s articles for forgotten Usernames and Passwords and see if they help:

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i tried the two links but they both would only let me change the password but not the username.

I thought if I could uninstall AOL and reinstall with a new account, that might solve the problem. However, when I pull up the AOL app, I can’t see a way to uninstall.

To uninstall and reinstall the AOL app (there may be slight differences depending on what phone you have):

  1. Open the Settings app .
  2. Tap Apps .
  3. Tap AOL .
  4. Tap Uninstall .
  5. Tap OK .
  6. Download and install the AOL app again.

Are you sure this message is coming from the AOL app? I’ve seen a lot of internet comments mentioning “Credentials needed” coming from the Gmail app. Do you have your AOL mail synced with Gmail? If so, you may wish to refer to this AOL help article:


I tried this and was able to uninstall AOL but I still get the message that credentials needed. The header of the screen that comes up is “Sync options.” Then my username and password. When I put in the usrname and password, the popup says “problem with account setup.”

For server, it lists; Port 993; Sevcurity type SSL/TLS

What more can I do?

This seems to indicate the problem is with E-mail sync:

As of May 2020, Gmail does not support the Oauth2 secure sign-in method for AOL accounts. AOL members should generate and use a third-party app password to sign-in securely.

I would suggest removing your AOL account from the Gmail App and using the AOL App instead. AOL email has never worked well with 3rd party apps. The more cynical might say it is because they want to make sure you’re seeing their ads versus Google’s.

That’s what i did months ago…gave up trying to make AOL mail work in Gmail and now just use the AOL app.

I was unable to uninstall AOL but still kept getting the credentials needed message. I “disabled” Gmail and while I don’t get the credentials message any longer, I don’t have email on my phone. Old fashioned as I am, I still have email on my computer so I’m not entirely unlinked.

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