Credit card out of date but bill is being paid?


My phone has been working fine and I am receiving notifications that I am receiving refunds but when i logged into my account today it told me to update my credit card because it was expired. It looks like the expiry date was in 2016. How were these guys getting paid?

I usually get by with less than 500 MB of data a month. What happens if I go over? Do I get bumped up to the 20 bucks a month, 1 GB of data plan, or do I have to buy some add on for the month.
I received a warning about being low on data a few months back, so I just stopped using Google Maps and looking things up on the internet. I did not go over the 500MB limit so nothing happened. What if I would have?

Should I bump myself up to the 20 buck a month 1 gb plan and just get rebates or should I figure out how to buy additional megabytes of data?

What is easiest, can I just push a button on my phone and get the extra MB put in my account? How should I handle this?
$18.44 was my highest monthly bill in the last 365 days. I gotta assume that whopping of a bill was an overage of data…
I feel a need to properly manage my plan, because when you can do everything you want with a phone and pay under $20 a month, you are doing something right. You cannot believe the cell phone bills I hear people talking about paying. Crazy, ridiculous amounts and they do not get anything more than I do (well, maybe more data)



You mentioned in your earlier thread of getting a Moto X Pure which wiould be on a 3.0 plan. You will no longer get get a refund for unused data on 3.0 plans.

You can stay on the no cell data $15 plan if you have months with no planned data use and it’s then relatively simple to upgrade to the $20 plan when you need the data. It’s a bit more complicated than just pushing a button as it requires logging on to your account… If you want to switch back to your previous plan after the upgrade you will need to perform another plan change. The downgrade will occur at your next billing date.

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If you are currently using the Refund plans, which you would need to be if you have 500 MB of data, then the next bump up to 1 GB would be $25, not $20. You can see the Refund Plans here:

If you scroll down a little further on that document you will also see instructions on how to make a plan change.

As for going over your data limit, that is not possible. When you run out of purchased data, the data is stopped. You have to either go without for the remainder of the billing cycle, or else purchase more.

You can make a one time data purchase to bump your plan up for that particular month, and it will not permanently change your plan.

If you do decide to change your plan to the 1 GB option, then you will continue to get refunds for unused data, just as you do now.

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Hi @live.carcass,

Check your bank statement, I suspect the bank was allowing the recurring payment to process despite the expiration date. I’ve seen my card do the same thing on recurring payments when the expiration date is the only thing that changes.



Hi @live.carcass,

@southpaw is absolutely correct here. Republic Wireless uses the credit card information provided to automatically request payment from your bank each month. It is possible that the information submitted could be expired, however it is ultimately the responsibility of the bank to indicate that the information provided is expired and needs updating. In this situation, it sounds like your bank was comfortable with what was provided, given that only your expiration date changed.

If you have any additional questions, please let us know!

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