Credit Collection calling my numbers

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Sorry Folks,
I can’t find my way around and unable to find my question I sent and got an email Carl answered it, but when I click, I can’t find it.
Trying here and hope experts will help.
Here’s the deal,
For a while now, credit collection agencies won’t stop calling my number demanding to speak to a female named [redacted]
Even with doing what the BBB states to do with calling the numbers and explaining and to place number on the Do Not Call List, they have tons of people continually call from tons of different numbers.
I block them and it is useless.
It becomes a yelling match upsetting our household all hours.
I finally changed my number and guess what !!!
They’re calling thru to the new number !!
Even a different state area code I have now.
Even when I tell, do I sound like a ■■■■ Susan to you ? No Sir, but you still need to put [redacted] on the phone.
"#$"& !!!
Now, only a few have my new number and it’s my own Trusted.
What is going on and I need to get it to Stop or I’ll have to give up my service.
HELP ???
Hopefully, I’ll be able to see my question and answers this time.
Sorry Carl. Thank you.

Sorry to hear you are having these issue.

First, strongly recommend to not answer any number you do not recognize, should u do answer, the worst thing u can do is talk to them. Even telling them its wrong number, most time wont help, U can use the phone built in options to block the number.

I would open a ticket with RW and request to have your underlying hidden RW routing number changed. That is most likely the source of the calls, sine you already had you main RW number changed.

What is this Routing Number you speak of ?

Not normally something you need to concern yourself with.
It is a number used on the backend carrier side to route calls to the phone when on cell network, as far as I understand it.

If, when an incoming call, the dialer screen shows “Cellular Network” and u are on wifi, that most likely means the incoming call is originating from the backend routing number, that someone is abusing, or is on a roto call list.

Here is a link to more on that topic.


So appreciate your expertise.
I’ll get right on it.
Thanks much :wink::+1:


I’d offer this thought. Sometimes not answering isn’t the best solution.

When I first joined Republic some years ago, I was getting a lot of bill collectors calling asking for a person whose name I didn’t recognize. They were calling the underlying Sprint number, as you correctly suggest.

I did two things. I wrote down the person’s name and looked up the Sprint number. When a bill collector called, I would call them back and ask them if they had called X (the debtor’s name) at the underlying number. Inevitably they had. It wasn’t worth trying to explain the underlying number system, so I just told them that the number they were calling belonged to me now, and that I felt their pain as a number of collectors were calling X at my number.

Debt collectors don’t want to waste time on repeating useless calls. Once I explained to them that they would never get X at my number, they stopped calling.

A worse situation was when a collection agency called me on my landline looking for someone with my name. We had a really hard time figuring this one out until I realized that although our middle names started with the same letter, it wasn’t the same middle name. Once we agreed on that, the calls stopped immediately.

My experience is that LEGITIMATE debt collectors are easy to turn off once they realize that you aren’t the person they’re looking for.

Now, if it’s the “IRS” calling wanting you to wire them overdue taxes before “the federal marshal they sent” arrives at your door, that’s a voicemail you don’t need to return.

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Legitimate debt collectors often only call from one number and are easy to block.
And while you do have a valid argument and solution, that is only assumeing that the folks being spammed by these unwanted calls, are willing to take any of their own time and effort to do what you suggest, 99% of the average customer will see that as even more a hassle and make them more angry about the situation…often putting the blame on their phone service provider for not just preventing them in the first place.

I agree that some customers may see it that way and never answer. But how is it their phone company’s fault when a legitimate debt collector calls the last number it has for a debtor? Really, how is it even the debt collector’s fault?

But regardless of fault, the people not answering and getting angry should know that different collectors within a collection agency may be assigned to collect, and they may have different numbers. And when a debt collection agency gives up, they will sell their uncollectable debts to another agency.

10 minutes on the phone may stop months and months of calls from various agencies for the same debt. And just not answering may suggest to some collectors that they’ve got a valid number for the debtor they’re looking for, they’re just being ignored, and they should keep trying.

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