Crossed lines--getting calls for other numbers




Phone Brand: Motorola
Phone Model: Moto G
**Phone Generation:**Third Gen.
Plan: Unlimited (?)
Plan Option: Talk & Text, without Cell Data

##Crossed lines–getting calls for other numbers
This does not happen often, but has happened at least three times with three different numbers. I will receive calls for another number, and while I am getting these calls, the person who has the phone number is not getting them. Each time it has been someone on a landline, calling from DSS, a hair salon, and the Sheriff’s Dept.

Each time I spoke with the one calling, explaining they had the wrong number, but upon asking what number they dialed, it was wildly different from mine–the only thing in common being the area code–and they have called back repeatedly trying to get their person, only to have it ring me every time.

The issue usually resolves itself in a day, but the most recent one from the Sheriff’s department requested that I look into the issue, as they were trying to reach this fellow about a break-in but could only reach me, instead! Perhaps it is a computer routing error, and I have no idea what service these other people were on. In one case, I tried calling the number that was routing through to me and I got to her just fine, so I’m not sure what was going on.


Hi @paulab.fi4jjk,

If you’ll open a support ticket and let our support team know you’re receiving troublesome wrong-number calls, they can make a change that should help.


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