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I switched to Republic Wireless a few months ago and transferred my number from AT&T. Everything is fine except… a few weeks ago I received a call from someone I don’t know saying that I had been calling them. I didn’t and so I figured my number must have been spoofed or something. Then I started receiving calls for someone else and just thought they were wrong #'s. Today after a lady called me again a few times looking for the same person, we figured out that she was calling a completely different number. She dials it manually and it still comes to me. At this point, i’m not sure who even to call to figure this out… Republic wireless, AT&T? If I search on the number that this person is trying to call, it only shows it is a Tampa, FL mobile number but can’t find an associated carrier. Any ideas?


Republic phones have two numbers present on them for call routing purposes. If the calls to other number are bothersome support can change that number, with no guarantees on the new number. To request a change open a ticket: Tickets | Republic Wireless


Thank you. So then the people calling the other number must actually have the wrong number?


They’re likely looking for whomever had that number before you.


Thank you. I’m not going to put a ticket in at this time but I will notify these people that their brother doesn’t have that # anymore and it’s not a crossed line. They are getting quite worried.


If it’s their brother they’re trying to reach, it’s likely they’ll remain concerned if he’s changed his number without telling them. You might want to confirm the number they’re calling is indeed your phone’s secondary routing number. Here’s how: How to find your phone’s secondary number and stop unwanted calls to that number.

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Thanks… I called the number she was trying to call and it calls me.


Because the folks you are in communication with are trying to locate their brother and you seem like a very nice person, you can rule out the slim possibility it is a crossed line by verifying the number you and they are calling which rings your phone is indeed your phone’s secondary routing number.

The Community article I linked explains how to do so. If you’re willing, you might peruse that infomration and confirm. Here’s the link again, in case: How to find your phone’s secondary number and stop unwanted calls to that number.

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