Current International or Dual-Sim Phones Supported?

Hi, does anyone happen to know if Republic supports any dual-sim or international phone models? I’m hoping to find a list of options rather than have to look up every phone model on the BYOP list.

I want to be able to keep my republic service, but simultaneously have a German SIM card loaded while studying abroad beginning April 1st. Maybe there are options that will become available before then?

It looks like maybe only the Moto phones are required to be North American? Perhaps other manufacturers have compatible dual-sim international models? Based on the BYOP page:

The Moto G7’s were looking like great options otherwise but the model compatibility is so specific unfortunately.

I actually need to find something soon because my Moto G5+ charge port is failing. I’ve had it almost 3 years now. From what I have found online so far it looks like its a fairly common failure.


The simple answer is no. Only the US Factory Unlocked version of the compatible phones can be used.

The only dual SIM phone that works with Republic is the OnePlus 6T but Republic doesn’t support use with both SIMs active.

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