Current moto x4 pricing


why is the Moto X4 still 350 here when it can be had as low as 150 other places - B&H had it for 165 with a RW sim card included - it seems like your not even trying anymore RW


I think while RW is happy to have a store to offer us a choice of phones (sometimes on sale!) and of course its BYOP program, I think it’s even happier to have you as a customer! So if you save money on a new phone elsewhere and bring it to Republic… it’s a win-win! :grinning:


Republic generally does not sell phones at a loss. This has never changed and I don’t expect it will.


Republic web store is independent from the OEM and other selling outlets (online or brick and mortar) and prices are set in order for Republic not to take a loss, Republic runs it’s own sales (which comes out of it’s promotion/ad budgets)

Personally when I see the prices on other sites and feel the Moto X4 is about to be discontinued (end of production) and those site are clearing out old inventory as the Moto X4 is almost 2 years since it’s release (this is similar to the run the Moto X Pure{aka Moto X3} had) this is a long time in the phone world.
the Moto X4 is spec about the same as a Moto G7 that coming out this Spring, although the Moto X line has always been a lower tier flagship the Moto Z Play line also considered to be this and Moto Z3 Play is has specs and is rumored to be getting a new model later this year (Moto Z4 Play)

If you want a X4 buy one from the 3rd party and get a BYOD SIM.


yeah except I got one for 165 with a RW sim


@drm186 explanation still stands. Simply because another retailer may choose to bundle a Republic SIM, does change Republic’s cost for items, their commitment to the OEM, or any other such arrangements we’re not privy to. Retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and B&H likely sell phones in quantities many many times larger than Republic does and therefore they’re likely to have better and more flexible arrangements with the OEMs.



Which B&H X4 phone did you get with a RW sim? I was just looking at the site and didn’t see it.

Thanks, Kurt


sorry - looks like it may have sold out - I would check back though because it went on and off sale at least twice before I pulled the trigger


I was looking at this model: Moto X4 XT1900-1 32GB Smartphone (Unlocked, Android One, Super Black) but I want to make sure it’s RW compatable first.

See link below:


Updated Phone Advice

Yes, that phone is compatible with Republic.


That’s what I was thinking but I always like to be sure.

Thanks, Kurt


Although not offered right now as a bundled promo, you could still get RW SIM card from b&h… it would still be a good net cost…compared to ordering it separately from RW or Amazon.

Looks like Amazon is now the lowest cost option for the RW Sim card with free shipping for prime members. That price does keep fluctuating but as of today it is listed at $5


Great, I did see that Amazon has the same price for this phone and will be going through them…