Current Republic Wireless customer wanting to upgrade to a new account

I know this may have been asked before. I am a current Republic Wireless customer who wants to upgrade to the new $40 plan. How do I need to proceed in successfully upgrading to the new account?

Hi @michaelq.pj26g6,

Please see these Help Articles:

Let us know if you have any questions.

To upgrade my plan to the new 5.0 plan, I will need to make a completely new account after switching my current email address to an alternate one, then purchase the new plan to continue?

At this time that is correct. If you’re not in a rush to move to the new plans it might make sense to wait until all the launch bugs are ironed out and the new, more elegant direct process is rolled out.

AH! That was what I wasn’t understanding last night as I read through everything last night. I appreciate you, and Southpaw sticking around until it got through my thick noggin. Since I am on WiFi quite a bit during the day (pretty much 100% between work and home), it isn’t so much a rush. The idea of unlimited data for only $10 more than what I have currently (the 3GB for $30 from before the beginning of December) is much more enticing. Thank you again for your help.