Current Sale Over?


I received an email stating the pricing would end tonight at 11:59 pm ET. I don’t see the sale pricing and not sure if I missed something. I am need of a new phone, battery keeps failing on me after a few hours, and I was planning on making my purchase today.

Promotional price of $349 for the Moto X4 (removed URL) is valid from 4/8/2018 to 4/21/2018 at 11:59 pm ET or while supplies last. It is still in stock so I assume it is still available.

Any idea if this sale is over and when a new sale will start? All the other phones that were on sale are off sale or sold out.


Hi @red58impala,

You’re quite correct, As I understand it the $349 sale price on the X4 should still be in effect through 11:59 this evening. I would feel comfortable ordering it, then creating a help ticket asking the price be adjusted. If you lack my confidence, Republic will do the right thing (my experience is they do), please consider raising that help ticket first.

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Hi @red58impala,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! @rolandh immediately brought the matter to our support team’s attention to make sure they were aware and expecting to hear from those seeking to purchase according to the terms of the promotion. It does appear we’ve accidentally set the promotion to end early, and I apologize for that. If you’re still needing assistance, please let me know. I’m a bit less available this weekend than most times, but I’ll be glad to follow up to make sure we find a way to honor the advertised price for your purchase through the end of the day today.

Notable Newbies: Welcome!

Hi Community Manager(Southpaw),

I received a promotional email for republic wireless moto g5s plus offer for $239 valid until 4/21/18 11:59pm EST. When I am on the website, the price is listed as $279. I really want to get the phone at the same price. I would appreciate if you can honor the price $239.

I contacted the chat feature on the website and my inquiry has been directed to a group of Republic Wireless Community Experts. The expert name is Roland H and he suggested me the early end to the sale is an error and Republic will honor the sale price. There are two options to make that happen:

Raise a help ticket first requesting a $40 coupon.

Order at the $279 price, then raise a help ticket requesting Republic credit your Republic account $40.

I would like to take the first option to request for a $40 coupon. I would appreciate if you please honor and help me get the discount coupon so that I can buy my next Motorola phone Moto G5sPlus which I really liked.

I am a big fan of republic wireless and I want to continue and be part of the republic wireless family.

Looking forward to a positive response!

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Hi @spurs18,

We’d love to help. Knowing how thorough @rolandh is, I’m not surprised to see (in reviewing your conversation with him) that when he advised that you open a ticket, he also provided you a link to do so. I see that you were able to follow that link and open the ticket.

I’m certain beyond a doubt that our support team will be glad to honor this request, however, I’ll go ahead and reply in your ticket now, as I have just a few minutes left before I have to shut down my computer for the evening.


@rolandh @southpaw Thank you both for your replies and suggestions.

I opted to not make the purchase for either phone available. The wording “or while supplies last” gave me pause. My concern was Republic Wireless would not honor what was said by either of you and I would be out $40-$50. Something I cannot afford to wrong about right now. I may put in a help ticket and see what they say, even though the sale is over.

Again thank you both for the assistance.


You’re most welcome!

I urge you to do so but please do it today.

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Hi @red58impala,

I don’t understand how “while supplies last” would have been some sort of a trick. If you bought one, then supplies would have still been sufficient, and you would have clearly deserved the advertised price.

The fact that the promo went missing from the website a day early was a simple, human error, not the set-up for some sort of trick.

If you’d still like to purchase the phone at the advertised price today, please let me know.

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