Current Status 03/16/17 - 11am

I’ve noticed all morning my ARC is not filled in. Calls & Messages over Cell, WiFi data.

My wifi is ok. I’m on it for work without problems.

Phone has been restarted and wifi turned off and back on but still no solid arc.

Is anyone else having issues?


Hmm. after posting the question, my arc filled in. I guess whatever was gumming up the works cleared itself.

I see an empty Arc, but is says I am on the WiFi. It seems to be coming and going, it is not filled in the whole time. This was after a recent update. Will see how it goes the rest of the day.

Try toggling wifi off and then back on again.

In the vast majority of issues where users are having WiFi problems in one particular location, it normally can be fixed or improved.

  • Here is a place to start and see what can you do to see if you can improve the WiFi you have control over

  • Take a look at Maximizing your WiFi - getting the best from your Router/network for a bit of background or jump directly to Quick Start - WiFi problems and go through the first 5 steps

  • Update the thread with the results of test and the name and type of your ISP (like AT&T DSL) and the router (make/model/version)

  • This will give the Community a good starting point to offer up additional help

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