Current user of Moto G and upgrade to Pixel 4a... best way to transfer?


Long time user of Republic and finally decided to upgrade my phone from a Moto G+ to a Pixel 4a. I bought
the phone on Amazon through a link on republic’s site and it came with a republic SIM card (although I haven’t done anything yet.)

What’s the easiest way to transfer my # and apps and stuff to the new phone? I haven’t done anything other than plug in the Pixel to charge it. I want to make sure I do this right the first time. :slight_smile:

I can’t offer any guidance on update/transfer … but you may want to check the following:

Can I just take the SIM out of the Moto G and put it in the Pixel?

If you follow the directions in the post you’re responding to you’ll find out if the SIM you have in the old phone is a GSM or CDMA SIM. If it is GSM you can move it to the new phone, but it is no different than what came with the new phone.

If it is CDMA, it can not be moved to the new phone.

My current phone is on GSM.

Then you can indeed move the SIM to the new phone. Just be sure to open the Republic App on the new phone after doing so to complete the process.

I believe I’ve got it going now. Thanks for the help.


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