Currently have a RW Moto Pure X and need a new phone - suggestion please

Currently have a RW Moto Pure X and need a new phone - suggestion please

For us to make a suggestion we’d need to know a bit more… What do you like about the Moto X Pure? What are you looking for in a new phone? Is camera quality important? Battery life? Size? Etc…

Well, lets see I like the size of the Moto Pure X. Camera was ok. Battery left more to be considered. Didn’t care at all for all the apps that were pre loaded. I am not really pro with the technical part so…And I would like to stay around $500

I’ll throw out a suggestion :slight_smile:
For the Pixel 3a

About the same size, Fantastic camera, good battery and no Moto apps installed.

The Moto X Pure is actually one of the lightest phones out there for preloaded Apps. All Android phones are going to have the Google Apps and Moto adds only the smallest collection of functional apps (like Moto Actions for things like twist for camera, chop for flashlight).

In any case, I would concur with @superT, I think the Pixel 3a or 3a XL would be very good choices.

I found myself in the same situation. Moto X Pure edition charging port (Micro-USB) became more and more flakey. Finally took a soldering iron to it and replaced the charge port, but damaged two traces so now it only charges in USB mode (not on AC), which took forever.

My choice of a replacement phone? Google Pixel 1 XL, bought on eBay for ~75.00. Very happy with the phone. Sure, I could have spent more for a Pixel 2 or 3 (or even a 4), but this phone is fast enough for me, and runs Android 10. Camera is good too.

I save tons of $$ by always staying 1-2 generations back from the “bleeding edge”.

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