Cursor on moto 4g jumps around


When trying to correct something while typing, the cursor jumps all over the place and erases the wrong letters. I then have to delete the whole message and start over. Very annoying.


Hi @saraw.jwi8jp!

Sounds like some sort of ghosting. Has the screen been cracked and/or repaired at any time? Also, has there been any water damage? I ask that because sometimes cheap third-party replacement screens exhibit issues like your Moto G is experiencing. I have used an iPad that had its screen replaced by a third-party and it ghost-typed. It is very annoying! If your screen has not been cracked or repaired and the phone is not water damaged, I would recommend a factory reset. Hope that helps!



Neither thing has happened to it. Maybe the factory reset would be worth trying. Will that cause the loss of phone contacts, email addresses, etc?


@saraw.jwi8jp ,

If you have a Google account and use Gmail your contacts should be saved. I’d try a couple of other things prior to a reset such as restarting in safe mode to eliminate an app issue and clearing your system cache.