Customer service - Keep closing my tickets immediately after opening?



Why my tickets are getting closed immediately without actually resolving my issue??? I am without service on one of my phone because instructions by one of the rep did not work.
PLEASE review my account and help address it ASAP.



When you open a 2nd Ticket with Republic (on the same phone and for essentially for the same thing) the following occurs:

  • Someone will review the 2nd ticket, merge it with the original ticket and close the 2nd Ticket. This leaves the 1st ticket intact and it is updated with any new information you may have provided.
  • This creates additional work for the Support folks, and the system updates the timestamp on the original ticket to that of the 2nd and subsequently cancelled ticket… effectively forcing you to the back of the the work queue.
  • For best results, make updates direct via the web system and never open a 2nd ticket


Hi @tushars,

Your open ticket is available when you log into:

All additional tickets opened on the same topic will be merged into that one, as we cannot have multiple agents trying to resolve the same question, that would be very inefficient and could cause more issues.


Thanks for quick response. Ticket was opened based on below comments from one of the customer rep

Shanelle C. (Republic Help)

Nov 23, 8:32 AM EST


Thank you for getting back to us with that update.

We will need you to open a new ticket from the account which you are trying to transfer the 609 423 xxxx number from and reference this ticket in that new ticket in order for us to verify this action is approved by the account owner.


The agent meant from the other account not open a ticket from the same account. When you are moving phones across accounts, both parties must request it or we risk breaking strict security requirements. Basically, if you have a phone on your account that you want to move to another account of its own, you need both the original and new user to open tickets.

I will also cleam up your reply since you posted personal information in the public community.


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