Customize app notifications Moto e4 plus

I want to change app notifications on my e4 plus so I can know how important the notification is (Twitter vs Discord vs IG etc.). I see how to change the default; but, I don’t see the individual app sound. Help is appreciated.

this is usually done in the individual apps settings

I see block All, Show silently, Lock Screen and Override DnD under the notifications setting. But no sound options.

in what app(s) are you seeing this, not all allow sound changes

This is Discord as an example. … And Instagram looks the same

I believe that your phone uses Android 8. In Android 8 selection of the app specific notification sounds is done from Android Settings. Here’s a video tutorial:

…and here’s a written tutorial:


It uses 7.1.1. And everything us up to date.

Yeah, I guess you’re right. I don’t have an Android 7 phone around. Have you looked to see if the notifications can be changed in much the same way as described in my previous post?

Hi @melissah.0ssrm0,

The screenshot you shared looks like the Notifications controls for the Discord app within the Android Settings app.

If you open the Discord app, do you see a Settings menu within that app? That’s where you’d look for the notification settings that will allow you to select a unique notification tone for each app.

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