Customizing Your Phone Alerts


Alerts and notifications are always flooding into our phones. It’s nice to have the option to customize your alerts to sounds you enjoy. I’ll share different ways to receive alerts to your phone and make them your own.

Setting your ringtones

Setting customized ringtones for your contacts is super convenient as it allows you to know who is calling even before you look at your screen! This can be very helpful for a busy lifestyle because it will save you time from rushing back to your phone every time it rings just to check who it is. With customized ringtones for your contacts, you can easily decide which calls you’d like to take and which can wait until later.

Most phones come with built-in ringtones that can be assigned to different numbers. If you’re looking for more variety, here are some great apps to help you create and download awesome ringtones.

Ringtone Maker

  • Creates ringtones, alarms, and notifications

  • Allows you to copy, cut, paste, fade in/out, adjust volume, etc.

  • Record a new audio clip to edit

  • Assign a ringtone directly to a contact (also able to re-assign and delete easily from contact)

  • Sort by tracks, albums, artists

Ringtone Maker Pro

  • Create ringtones from your existing music and assign them to your contacts

  • Create custom alarms, music, notifications, and ringtones

  • Record new sound

  • All ringtones compiled in an organized list

Customizing notification alerts

With the ability to customize your notifications you can choose when you want to be notified by flash alerts, popup alerts, sound alerts, vibrate alerts…pretty much however you want. Here are some apps that let you control how and when you get notified.

Visual LED Flash Alerts


  • Displays custom notification icons/dots on your screen

  • Works well for phones that lack a physical LED

  • Also allows you to choose audio and vibration reminders

  • Supports notifications including text and voice messages, missed calls, calendar events, a charging indicator, emails, and more

Also try: Flash Notification 2 and Dynamic Notifications

Vibration Alerts

Dingless - Notification Sounds

  • Eliminates notification sound alerts when you are using your phone

  • Ability to control vibrations and sound notifications

  • Pre-set time lapses between notification sounds while away from your phone

  • Music mode that disables sound notifications while you’re listening to music

Also try: ViBe

Pop-Up Alerts

Popup Notifier

  • Easily swipe through your notifications

  • Custom settings for each app (including sound and/or vibration)

  • Icon Pack support

  • Repeat notifications until read

  • Numerous themes

Also try: Heads-Up Notifications, Notific: Lockscreen Notifications, and Notification Bubbles

Next week, we’ll cover apps to help manage your data and battery life. Have you tried any of the apps above? What are your favorite customization apps?


Thanks for your article: Setting your ringtones

I have a question,

is there an app that will allow me to pick different sounds for app notifications? from different sources?

example - within the app:

WhatsApp - different sounds for each contact that texts me?
ex: Sue = Duck Quack, Fred = Baby Talk, all others = WhatsApp default sound

ex: Emergency Alerts = Rooster, Mike = Baby Talk, Gail = Female Ah, all others = Messaging default

example - apps
Fidelity and USMarket … I want the popup seen but app default is to SILENT all sounds

Other apps = that app’s specifically set default sound.

I hope that’s clear. If not, please inquire.

Thanks for answering,



Hi @jamesh.0cjmak, One app that has good ratings in the Google Playstore that allows you to set different sounds for various notification types is NotifiCon . I haven’t tested this app for myself so if you give it a try let us know how it works!