Customizing Your Phone Screen


Last week I shared launchers, widgets, and app drawers to customize your phone. This week I’ll give you some great apps to help you make your screen, keyboard, and icons exactly how you like them.


Changing your phone’s wallpaper is one of the most simple, yet personal steps that can be taken toward customizing your phone. You’re on your phone hundreds of times a day. Let it make a positive impact on your mood by being welcomed by an awesome wallpaper! Of course, you don’t need an app to change your wallpaper. You can always use one of your own personal photos, or find one on the web. Not sure how? Click here to get step-by-step instructions on how to change your wallpaper on Android.

Popular wallpaper apps:


Backgrounds (HD Wallpapers)

Walli - Wallpapers HD


Whether you want extra functionality, a more convenient way to type, or just want something a little more “you”, there is a custom keyboard app out there for you. Once you’ve downloaded the one that fits your style, you will need to enable the new keyboard. Check out How to Replace Your Android or iOS Keyboard for help.

Popular keyboard apps:




Tenor GIF Keyboard


This is my favorite part! Icons really change the look of your phone and are what you go to every time you are looking for an app!

Popular Icon apps:

Cornie Oldie Icon Pack

Icon Changer Free

Click UI


Pixel Icon Pack

We’d love to see how you’ve customized your phone screen, drop a picture below! (if you share your screen be sure to edit out any personal information)


My favorite icon pack by far: Tigad

The next two on my list:


I use Nova launcher and there is tons of customization’s there. I also have some wallpapers to share.! Someone shares these with me from the community.
Note: The darker wallpapers use less screen power & are cooler on the face than bright ones.

(upload://pMb6Z41ElYo52gACKEIECKKeXos.jpeg) ![RWWallpaper|557x500](


Another Nova Launcher user
Here is my current home screen


I like these images, and I might use one of these images for my phone screen. :slight_smile:


Be my guest! You’re welcome to any or all.
I personally use the black background with the Earth.


Some wallpapers I’ve used in the past