Cutting out during calls


Motorola g4 cutting out during calls


I take the call is not dropping but the audio is breading up. right? Does the audio break up when you play music? Is this happening on both call and WiFi calls?


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Does it sound anything like the sample call i posted in this post:


Hi @peterb.5pdt4c,

Please open a ticket on the matter and provide as many details as possible as to whether it happens on Wi-Fi (all networks, or just one in particular?) or cell (many locations, or just one spot) and what exactly the “cutting out” sounds like.

Let me know once you’ve done so.


Hi @peterb.5pdt4c,

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last heard from you, and I just wanted to encourage you again to please open a ticket if you are still having trouble on that Moto G4. I understand the issue can be intermittent, but the Help team would still like to assist with the issue. Please open a ticket and describe the “cutting out” you’ve experienced, and ask them to investigate the issue as part of master ticket 1490814.


It seems to be just my wife’s phone; a Motorola G4. There are clicks and then no sound from the other party and the other party not hearing my wife, and then things appear normal and then the same again, off and on. It happens with most calls.


Hi @peterb.5pdt4c,

Yes, I understand exactly what you’re describing, and I’m certain our Help team can solve this if you’ll describe the issue in a Help Ticket and ask them to investigate as part of master ticket 1490814.

Are you able to open a ticket on the issue? You can do so here:


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