Damaged phone: How am I misundrstanding the replacement policy?


I received a new Moto E4 Plus, and a day after receiving it, dropped it and cracked the screen. The phone still works. I looked up the Republic Wireless return policy at Money Back Guarantee – Republic Help. One of the headings on that page is “Refund Amounts”, and clicking on that takes me to some info, including large, bold text that says, “List of Charges for Returns”. Under this text is a link to Return and Replacement Policy – Republic Help. The last link at the top of this page says, “List of Charges”, which takes me to some info explaining that my phone would be considered a “Level Two” return, and looking at the chart below that, it shows that I would be charged $130 for my level two phone if I return it. As I paid $199 for this phone a week ago, it seems to me that I would get back $69 towards a replacement phone.

When I asked Republic Wireless about this, they tell me I am wrong, they can’t guarantee that I will “receive any set amount of refund”. Seems to me that their chart is showing me exactly the refund I should be getting for my level two damaged phone. How am I misunderstanding this? It seems fairly straightforward.


The 14 day money back guarantee does not cover broken phones if I am correct.


Hi @sandrab.pzmwsz:

Regarding Level Two damage, the document you cite describes that as:

Significant cosmetic damage (includes minor cracks to the screen). Dents on the casing (sides, back) of phone.

As outlined in Money Back Guarantee – Republic Help, no refund will be issued if the following are true:

  • is missing from the box.
  • has sustained water damage.
  • has damaged or broken parts (Micro SD card slot, SIM card slot, Micro USB charging port, headphone port for example).
  • has been rooted or otherwise compromised.
  • has a cracked screen or other damage that results in less than normal usable condition.

Without seeing the phone in question, no one here can determine whether we’re talking about minor cracks to the screen or something worse.

In any event and in the interest of providing a potential solution, have you checked in with the issuer of the credit or debit card used to purchase the phone? Some will offer accidental damage protection. Neither Republic’s money back guarantee or the manufacturer’s warranty is designed to protect against accidental damage.


there is no guarantee on what level your phone will be assess at.
when a phone will be sent to an third party audit and they decide how badly damaged the phone is.

if it’s just minor cracks in the glass then it will most likely be the level 2 (and your $69 dollar would be correct)
If the Digitizer is also damaged that would be a level 3 and no refund

note I would see what Motorola would charge for a screen replacement first it may be cheaper than the $130 level 2 (and OEM replacement will maintain the warranty where a 3rd party will void that warranty)

also it would not hurt to check the protection that the credit card offers for purchase as it will some time cover broken phones


Hi @sandrab.pzmwsz,

In addition to @rolandh’s excellent advice about checking with your credit card for accident protection, I’d like to suggest you also look into Motorola’s out-of-warranty repair option. My most recent experience with them resulted in a $75 replacement for a phone with a shattered screen. It was not the same model as yours, so I’m sure the price will vary, but it would be worth looking into.


Thank you everybody for your replies.