Damaged phone

my phone motog4 charger base in phone and charger cord both damaged , Do I need to repair or order the new phone, Can you tell me which way better, and the cost of repair phone charger.

Thank !


If I understand you correctly the port in the bottom of the phone that you plug your charger into is damaged. Such damage is no covered under warranty. You can ask a local cell phone repair shop if they can replace that jack or you can contact Motorola for out-of-warranty service. The broken cord is cheap and easy to replace with a micro usb cable from Amazon.


Amazon.com: AmazonBasics USB 2.0 A-Male to Micro B Cable - 6 Feet: Computers & Accessories


Try contacting this company, put your zip code into the locator and see if there is a facility close to you. Find a CPR Cell Phone Repair Near You

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