Dark Theme for Community

Does the new Member Community software offer the possibility of using a Dark Theme? I cannot find anywhere currently to change from the current theme which is very bright.


Hi @selfruler,

The Community rebrand does not currently offer a dark mode option. Our intrepid Community Manager has it on her to do list but there’s lots of other things on that list as well.


I’m surprised it took this long for someone to ask!

I’ll get it done, @selfruler. I know it’s a big deal for those who prefer the dark side!


Thanks! :grinning:

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:question: I still am not able to find a means to activate the dark theme. It is less critical than many of the issues others are dealing with but, as noted, it’s a “big deal” of some of us.

I’ll let you know when I get it completed.

Officially, I’m supposed to be taking some of the time-off I never took this year, but I am committed to making sure I do what little I can to help with the issues arising during this current transition. I’m also tied up with a family situation at the moment that was not anticipated and is consuming time I thought I would be able to spend on theme development. I haven’t forgotten, and I do understand it’s very important to many of our Community users.