Data Accounting Error?




Phone Brand : Motorola
Phone Model : Moto E
Plan : Refund 2.0
Plan Data : Yes

Issue Description

My wife recently traveled to Brazil with her Moto E. In the Republic App, it shows she was charged a large amount of data on July 27 and other dates when she was still in Brazil. While she was there, she used the phone over wifi. As there are no compatible data networks in Brazil, there should be no data charges during the time of her trip. What happened, and how can we fix this accounting error? Currently she has a very low amount of data remaining with about 20 days left in this cycle.


For something like this, the best thing to do is open a ticket:


Did she use USB to tether the data to her laptop? There is a bug there that treats WiFi data as cellular if you use that feature. It is not often used but could be why. If that is the case, support can fix the billing/data availability.


We have used USB to transfer files, but not to tether to the cell netowork.


Thanks, I was looking to open a ticket, but couldn’t find where to do it. Now I found it!


There is a tether to WiFi. That is what I am talking about. Basically, some people use it when their laptop cannot connect to WiFi so they share the WiFi on the phone over USB. This falsely reports to us as cell data.


For the record, I opened a ticket but it turned out there was nothing to complain about. Upon more careful inspection, the large usage was not during the trip, but the day after she returned. For some reason the phone didn’t connect to wifi.


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