Data and Google Maps

I’m using a Moto E second gen phone on a plan with .5 GB data, but I can’t access Google maps when I’m not on wifi. I thinks maps should work through my cellular data. Is my phone malfunctioning or is it supposed to work that way?

To ensure that you haven’t inadvertently turned off Data access you should check

  • Android Settings/Data Usage … Cellular Data On and Background data not restricted
  • RW App Settings/ Cell Data Enabled
    • Tap the bottom indicator (Cell Data Used) and ensure that Cell Access is Enable for the particular App
  • Many would suggest that you consider HERE WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS - Android Apps on Google Play as a data free alternative

As a matter of fact, I had to buy additional data during my trip last week. I definitely have data access, but I can’t connect to Google Maps.

I just brought up my E2 and it works fine with Google Maps … If I turn on the Data Saver function it hollers at me via a the normal Notification process

I guess I would do the following … one at a time least to worst impact

I started in Safe Mode and turned off wifi to force data use. I opened Google Maps and it showed my location complete with normal map. Then I tried to route a trip to a nearby city. It responded with “Can’t Search”. I’ll try the next step.

I cleared the cache. Maps still says “Can’t Search.” I’m not sure what you mean by Uninstall/Reinstall Maps App. I can’t uninstall a Google App. I can Uninstall Updates and Disable it. Is that what you mean?

Yes … as it is a manufacture installed app, you can only uninstall updates (which will revert it to some base level), this is the same as the Republic Wireless App

Uninstalling updates, disabling the Maps App, and re-enabling fixed the problem. Maps now works on cellular data. Thanks for your help.

FYI…I also took your advice and installed Here WeGo to use for offline maps. Sounds like a good idea.

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