- - Data Available -- After Recent RW App Update & Permission Given

Hello tech support as in RW employee unless a member has the inside scoop.

Decided to check my data used as reported by the RW app two days into billing cycle It showed higher than normal usage and was unable view apps using data without granting permission for RW personal info monitoring. Prior to last update of RW app the permission wasn’t required. Went to normal phone settings to look at data usage and it showed what I’d consider normal usage during the same two days and about 10% of what the RW app reported.

Decide to grant permission required to RW. Then get the - - Data Available that doesn’t go away in a short time as a recent thread suggested. Showed no data use at bottom and the thumbs up when tapped said out of data with an invite to purchase the next level.

Attempt to uninstall recent RW app update through Play and the only option is to totally remove the RW app not just the updates. I would assume that’s because it’s not native/hard installed on the 3.0 phones? Don’t/never had FB and cleared cache due to sudden battery usage I suspect may have been caused by app update.

What the heck is going on? Any way for RW to offer previous versions of the app that might fit/work better?. Somebody else started a possibly related discussion that’s been blown off with no suggestions.

App Data calculations inaccurate

I would assume that’s because it’s not native/hard installed on the 3.0 phones?

Except possibly the G4 referenced here:Sound

Good Morning @williamo.vkbg0s,

No need for an inside scoop. Publicly available information here: Republic Wireless Status.

Regarding the inability to uninstall updates to as opposed to uninstalling the Republic app itself; you are correct that with the exception of the G4s (where it is part of the system image) this is not possible.

Investigating - We’re currently investigating reports of slower than normal activations for our 3.0 devices along with the inability to see data usage in the Republic app on 3.0 devices. We’ll provide updates here when we have more information. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your patience.
Nov 18, 13:16 EST

Good morning @rolandh,

Got up a couple of hours ago and reinstalled the RW app, wallah, data used showing about 1% of previous reading and MB Left normal. Just prior to reading your reply remembered there was a link for checking Service Status and will do so in the in the future.

Thanks for your reply.

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