Data balance just disappeared!

My monthly renewal just kicked in today – 7/14. Then, all of a sudden my data is used up by 50%. I have been in the house all day and have wifi. What happened? Can I get my data back?!

I would examine the data usage and see if it was a particular app, then check to see if your WiFi was available during he loss period (many routers can provide some info on device connection)
After gathering this information, Open a Ticket as only Republic has the ability to make adjustments

When you look in the Republic App, what does it show as using all your data? If it shows “other” then yes, it is possible that you’re impacted by a bug that has impacted you and support can help you get your data back. (Although it is also possible that an app you’ve since uninstalled used the data). If your apps are using the data, well then, your apps are using the data and we can help you figure out whey and stop the data from being used but since it was indeed used, and Republic has to pay for it, it is unlikely that you can just “get it back”.

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