Data being used too quickly!


Phone: Moto E4
Republic Wireless $20 month 1 GB month
Data plus talk and text

I’ve had the 1 GB/month plan for three years. It USED TO BE that I could manage my data by using it only when I had wireless access, ie in library or cafe with wireless.
The Republic plan would NOT kick in unless I had the wireless settings turned OFF.
So I would turn off wireless only when really needed (for example, waiting for a bus, looking for arrival time)

Now it appears that my data is being used even when wireless settings are turned ON.

What has changed? I do NOT want to be using data inadvertently!
Please advise. Thank you.


I’ve never known that to be the case, and I’ve been here forever. The old beta and 1.0 phones did have options to more precisely manage cellular data use, however.

Have you tried using the Data Freeze feature in the Republic Wireless app?


I just turned on “data freeze”. It looks as if I can still access data here in my apt (using my in-home wireless connection, not Republic) Thanks for the tip, I’ll see if it works when I’m away from home/other wireless networks.


Hi @maryp.zgatcz,

Was “data freeze” the solution you needed, or do you still need help with this question?


I’m not sure yet. I have to wait for the next billing cycle. Thanks very much.


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