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What phone do you have? Samsung S7

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Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? My Choice + 3 GB

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I can only seem to get data in major cities which is frustrating when traveling. They sent me a different SIM card as they said the other one was GSM. This did not improve the coverage at all. Is there a way to get roaming data when I am out of the area? If not I will have to bite the bullet and go with one of the big 3 carriers. Thanks.

There is no roaming data with Republic. That being said, the SIM cards you’ve tried are 2 of the 4 major networks, the newest one (CDMA) being Sprint and you have access to the same network their customers do. Can you give us an idea of the areas where you’re having coverage issues?

You already have tried 2 of the big 4 carriers out there. Tmobile and Sprint. Those are Republics network partners.

There are places where other carriers have the only usable coverage, most of the time, it is Verizon Wireless, but can also be ATT.
In some specific states, US Cellular or Cspire are the only ones that own the towers and network, and they lease usage of them to the big name carriers.

If you could post the zip codes of the areas you are having issues with, we here can verify coverage.

@robertc.s9jzqh Are you still wanting to discuss your coverage issues?

Do I get notified if there are responses to this issue?

Hi @robertc.s9jzqh,

Notifications from our Member Community are managed in your Community preferences, but unless you want to log back into Community and give us more information about the area where you need coverage, there isn’t much of a conversation waiting to happen. There won’t be any “updates” to announce roaming coverage or new coverage in specific areas.

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