Data did not renew on the first day of billing cycle

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I woke up this morning to the Republic App saying I had no data. I was on my house Wifi so I thought it might just be an error, but when I left the house I had no data. I opened a help ticket about 6 hours ago with no response.
I see on the Help screen on the app that others are having issues, but there’s been no update in hours. Luckily, I’m at work with wifi most of the day, but if I or someone else were driving and needed data for work, their phone would be useless all day. The help screen says something about a “workaround” but no reply or help in 6 hours. Any ideas?

Hi @grahamm.yc19cr and welcome to the Community!

Based on your description, it does seem you are experiencing the known issue documented here:

I’m confident Republic is working as quickly as possible to get to all those who have opened tickets on this matter. It may simply be a matter of high volume.


Hi @rolandh,

Do you know if data purchases were also impacted? Thanks.


I don’t believe data purchased are impacted, only the “automatic” data that is part of the monthly plan.

If you need immediate access to cellular data, please open a help ticket, and our support team will provide a workaround.

Hi @louisdi,

My immediate workaround would have been to attempt purchase of 1GB of data to get going and then open a ticket to request a refund.


Hi @PlaneTherapist,

I worked with some members today on this premise and with very mixed results. While it was a good, logical idea, it is not a reliable workaround.


I have a moto e4 and a 1 gb data plan. I had .5 gb left over from a purchase last month. I have wifi at home and my cycle renewed this morning. Between waking up (wifi) and getting to work the other data segment showed a download of 1638.55mb… I didnt download anything as i am driving. My datasaver is on.

Hi @benjamind.txwfuh and thanks for bringing your question to the Community!

You may be experiencing a known issue. To make that determination, we need some additional information?

Is your E4’s SIM GSM or CDMA? Here’s how to tell: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help?

If as I suspect, it’s GSM, please open a ticket and ask your experience be investigated as part of master ticket 1647059. In that ticket, if you’re able to provide a time the phone will be connected to WiFi, doing so will speed resolution for you.


For others reading here, please don’t presume the issue I reference explains all apparently unexplained data use and would be covered under this master ticket. There are specific factors involved.

If you’re experiencing seemingly unexplained cell data use, please follow @benjamind.txwfuh’s lead and post as much detail as possible. Doing so always helps the Community better help you.


Hi @benjamind.txwfuh,

If you expected to see the 0.5GB purchased last month you wouldn’t see it. Data does not roll over to the next billing cycle.


I’ve merged a couple of similar topics, so that we can focus on this issue in one conversation. If the posts seem above seem a bit disjointed, I apologize.

Well, I wouldn’t call this “solved.” There is no response or workaround. I did consider earlier today the solution proposed below, to just buy 1 GB so I could use the phone. But I wasn’t sure it would work, and as we see below, much of the time it hasn’t.
Also I don’t want to have to spend a hour or two later trying to drag a refund out of Republic. It’s only $5, but with a 2GB plan I pay $33/mo so $5 is around 15% penalty, on top of the recent price increase. (My bill used to be $26-28 with the refund plan.

Hi @grahamm.yc19cr,

I’m sorry to see that your ticket hasn’t had a response yet. I certainly don’t want you to have to spend $5 to try a fix that may not work. Let see what I can do to help.

Thanks Southpaw. My phone now shows the leftover 430MB from yesterday. I assume it’ll renew the data amount whenever you resolve the issue.


Yes, we will make sure you receive the full amount of data you have paid for.


So it looks like the issue has been fixed. I have my 2GB plus the bridge data that Southpaw was able to work out for me in the interim. Thank you.


Thanks for the update @grahamm.yc19cr! Our carrier partner was able to isolate the issue and has reported it resolved.


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