Data doesn't roll over

I bought a gig of data for a trip last week, not realizing that it doesn’t roll over (my sister has Republic and her data has always rolled over-maybe that’s a glitch and she’s gotten lucky, or maybe this a recent change? I didn’t really get an answer from Republic when I asked). I bought the data on the 19th and the cycle starts over on the 21st. Essentially, it would be really great if there was a feature that reminds you the cycle is almost over and asks if you’re sure you want to buy data that you can only use for 2 days. I ended up with no wifi and no data for the end of my trip which was super inconvenient.


Hi @sarahw.1pxh4f,

I’m sorry it is all so confusing.

None of our plans have data that rolls over. Perhaps your sister is on the Refund plan? That’s the only plan where purchased data doesn’t really “roll over” but members receive a credit for unused data, which, if recurring data is set up, can be very much like having it roll over.

Just last week I did put in a request with our product team for some sort of indication when purchasing data that it expires on the billing cycle date. I’m sorry to see this confusion resulted in an inconvenient experience for you.

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