Data/File Transfer from damaged old phone to similar other new phone - Moto X (1st Gen)

My old Moto X (1st Gen) phone - Screen totally busted (crushed) and has no charge - dead. May be able to charge it but I doubt it.

Before it went dead, I copied all the old phone’s internal storage files to my PC. Now got another Moto X (1st Gen) similar phone and activated it, but it has no contact list, text messages and strings.

  1. How do I restore the new replacement phone to just like the mirror image of old damaged one? Possible? (phone to phone transfer is not possible)

  2. Can I use the old copied files of old phone to restore the new phone? How? Just overlay the old files on the similar named files of the new files internal storage?

  3. The most needed is the contact list, text messages, text strings, Whatsapp’s message strings, in order… Music, videos, photos etc. I do not care.

What else can I do?

Help please !!!

Thank you very much

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Added by amarjitm — Otherwise, can you also please guide me to the sources where I can get all the info that might be needed here ??

What software did you use to make the backup of your old phone? If you used a program or app, it should have a restore feature.

  1. Possibly. This will depend on what was used to backup old phone.

Is the replacement phone activated? Did you use the same GMail account on the new phone? If you did much of what was on your old phone will move to your new phone if it was set to Backup and Restore. You can check your Google account here:

  1. You can with non system folders. Such as Ringtone, Alarm, Notification, Pictures, DCIM, Downloads, Music, Videos, etc.

  2. If you did not back up text messages to the Cloud using an app, I’m sorry the texts are lost. Whatsapp usually will backup to the cloud on its own. When you set it up on the new phone, and you moved your old number to the new phone, the threads that were backed up will repopulate.

You can move files with USB connection to computer the same way you moved files off old phone to computer. Instead of using cut and paste, do copy and paste. This way you still have a copy on your computer should something go wrong.

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Thanks so much, littletoucan.

  1. I backed up the files from old phone to PC with USB connection - just copy and paste on the PC folder. - all visible files. I have those files there now. No software or app used.

  2. New phone was activated without SIM card, which I would receive today and put that in. The new phone was activated with a different Google account, but then I added the old one and deleted the new one. Checking now, only a few contacts are there that I put in the new phone - none of the old ones are there. I think, may be I did not have the backup and restore on (whatever that is!!) - I am not such a knowledgeable person about this.

  3. So, can I copy the PC saved files to the new phone internal storage ? What files for Contacts and text strings - do I copy?? Or what else can I do?

  4. Or try to charge the old phone and do something? But screen is totally crushed !!!

  5. Or take it to a repair shop - where they can open old one up - take the memory (??) out (??) and extract the data ??

  6. I think I landed myself in a big mess here !!! Please HELP !!!.

Thanks again !!!

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Also, I was told that Republic Anywhere may have some Data? True? If yes, Can I use that?

  1. OK

  2. Well, looks like those contacts are lost, sorry about that. But using Anywhere app might help with restoring some of your contacts. I almost totally forgot about that, thank you!

You can copy some files, but not system files. Stick with the files I mentioned. I wouldn’t want you to mess up the new phone, if you try to copy some of the other files.

  1. The contacts file is hidden, so you can’t restore it that way. Only way to restore last 30 days of texts is installing Republic Anywhere on your phone.

Contacts are restored either by syncing to Google or some other cloud server or through a vcf file format. If you can get the screen repaired you will be able to generate a vcf file or sync to Google, either one will work. Then you can text or email the vcf file to yourself.

  1. If it’s crushed, don’t charge it yourself. Take it repair center.

  2. That would be possible! Repair center can charge it and change the screen. Go to a reputable place.

Best Buy or

  1. It happens to us all, one time or another.

I have used this in the past successfully:

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Thank you so much. Let me digest all this, bear the shock of losing the contacts, get and put the SIM card in the new phone – and be back in a few hours/tomorrow.

Thanks again, I really appreciate it …

You’re welcome!

I’ll be here off and on tomorrow. Also, check out the software that I’ve used in the past.

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Hi littletoucan;

My apologies for the delay. Had a personal emergency. All taken care of now.

First I appreciate your empathy. Much value it.

Now, the old phone is dead so I do not think, I could use the easeUS methods. Tried to charge it but no luck. The charging port is loose. If the old phone was functional, we could use the NFC function to transfer data, files etc. - Moto X has it.

But Good News – Oh Yes!! there is a ■■■■ and he has some wonderful and nice helpers - like you … Last night, I put in the SIM card in the phone and completed the activation. After starting it, I looked and all of my contacts were there. May be they did get backed up on Google. – Mahala (whatever it means !!). But getting the Contact list was my main concern and top priority. Those were sorted and formatted differently but I think all were there. Big sigh of relief !!

So, for the other persons reading it – SIM card and completing the activation is a must for the contact restoration. Whatsapp start up brought only very recent limited history of texts/no calls log. Not that important for me.

But no text messages came with it. All blank. Started the Republic Anywhere, but no much luck there - just a few are there.

Now, Question - Are the text messages still stored in the old phone. We have a little Cell repair shop in a Suburb (50 miles away from me); owned by a young techie from overseas. He is known as a handyman of the Cell phones - can solve any problem. I am very confident that he can charge and extract the data from the old phone. I can get an old used cheap screen for Moto X too for him to repair/use temporarily.

Now - I will do it only if the texts and other data is stored there. I do have the non system folders (as you mentioned before) such as Ringtone, Alarm, Notification, Pictures, DCIM, Downloads, Music, Videos, etc. on my PC that I can copy to the internal storage of the new phone (Right??). I can do that - copy and paste - overlay it ??

So, your opinion please - Could the rest of the useful data be there in the old phone (especially old texts) ?? Nothing is certain, I know. But if there is a chance, I would take it to the Mr. Repair All Handyman??

Something to share with other persons reading it - This all happened as my old phone was charging on kitchen counter face up - Opened the cabinet above to get some spices - a big GLASS container fell down right on the face of the phone - Please do not do that - Also, I am switching to plastic jars etc. from now onwards …

The last favor to ask, after all this dust is settled, could you please advise/guide me to how and what back up processes I need to get/activate, so if this happens again - I would have all my data saved for restoration etc.

Thanks again. And if you are in/around the Hurricane Michael’s path - Please take care and be safe…

With warm regards,


Should have been – Oh Yes! There is a ■■■■ and – (not dashes), don’t know what happened there …

I do not know, what is going on - instead of dashes - it should have three letters (for the word) in caps - G, O, D.

No apologies necessary, I’m glad to help.

Yes, they’re in a data file on the phone. If your geek can get the phone running, you can get the text messages. I’m glad you were able to get your contacts!

Yes, you can copy and paste those files to your replacement phone. Do the Ringtones, Alarms, and Notifications only if you have personalized it. If it’s still the original tones, there is no point in moving them to the replacement phone. If you do copy and paste, you want to replace the current files, not merge them. Otherwise you end up with duplicates of the tones.

Stick with glass, plastic isn’t good for you. Just change where you charge the phone. :wink:

Go to Settings
Backup & Reset
Turn switch to ON for the following
Backup My Data
Automatic Restore
Tap on the email address to add an additional email account to backup to if you so desire.

Next back out of Backup & Restore
Go to Accounts
Tap on Google
Give the email address a 2 second press
Flip switches to ON all the items you want to sync to Google.

You can sync your photos to Drive or Google Photos. If you use Drive you have to sync it manually, Google Photos will do it automatically:

To backup text messages, I use this app:

For more suggestions on backing up your phone, please see:

You’re very welcome! I’m not in the direct path of the Hurricane, but I am West of Atlanta and we’re getting heavy rain and some gusts of wind, which is why I’m awake at 2:43 am!

Hello littletoucan;

It is a relief and so good to know that you were not in the direct path of the hurricane - What I watched on the news just now - the destruction is unimaginable. So much damage - It is immense. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the people effected by it. Although you may in the periphery of it - Torrent rains and strong winds can cause a lot of damage and hardships. I sincerely hope that it did not happen to you and your surroundings.

You please take care of your things there. I will get in touch with you after a couple of days. My stuff is not that important. My phone is working alright now. No hurry.

Thanks for the valuable information you gave me. Meanwhile, I will follow that.

Communicate later and all the best to you,



Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. All is well here, no damage. The county I live in has plenty of road damage though.

Please keep us updated on your progress. :slight_smile:

Hello littletoucan;

My sincere apologies for being silent and not getting back to you for about four weeks. Unfortunately I contacted a very serious bug of the season and being a senior citizen does not help. So my activities were to a minimum. I am better now and so am writing this… However, looking back, I should have taken the time out to respond earlier. I am sorry for that.

I really appreciate all your valuable help. I got responses from you almost immediately - no matter what time of the day or night it was (even when it was 2:43 am, your time). Such eagerness to help - I am really obliged for that.

I have not been able to follow your helpful suggestions as yet (as described in your communication of Oct.11). But I would get started on those this weekend, get back to you about those and let you know about my progress.

Once again, I thank you very much;

With warm regards;


Hi @amarjitm and @littletoucan,

I’d like to remind each of you that although you are seeing one another’s replies in your E-mail and you can reply to one another from your E-mail, those E-mails are coming from our Member Community where the conversation originally began. It is a publicly-visible conversation.

If you’d like me to convert it to a personal message so it is not publicly visible, please let me know.

Otherwise, please do use care when sharing life’s little details as the conversation unfolds.

Thank you for update, I totally understand, as I’m not a spring chicken myself. Glad you’re doing better after getting that bug!

Take your time, there is no hurry. If my reply is delayed a few hours, I haven’t forgotten about you. I have a few things I need to straighten out at home.


If your old Moto X can not reboot, maybe no way to transfer contacts, text messages to the new phone.

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